Saturday, 10 July 2021


Got myself in a right old rut the other day, feeling like I have nowt to wear at the moment (big clear out pending), until I found this beautiful classic-denim-summer-seventies-vintage-perfect for this-season dress hidden in the far back of my summer wardrobe......I actually thought I lost this dress!! So was soooooo surprised and style happy to find it!

Now as you can see the design is super flattering because it's a perfect length. I adore the relaxed square neck cut line and denim straps, the light wash of blue in colour screams ultra seventies original of the best fashion ERA EVER! I still don't know why I'm so obsessed with fabulous seventies styling, but I do know how important truly expressing yourself is and I always feel more me, true and comfortable wearing throwbacks like these (my soul is basically seventies and my mothers style inspired me from young).

To accompany this hot season look I popped on these chic black mules, new gold shaped glamorous earrings, a bright beach netted string bag (i love this bag so much) and a pair of black cat eyed simple frames. I wanted to keep accessories pretty laid back but you could easily fashion this summer look with colourful flip flops, a vintage baseball cap, vintage cowboy boots, chunky dr martens or a fierce bucket hat.....Go street style crazy. And Remember with effortless styling the more simple yet chic the better....You want to basically look like you've made zero effort but you secretly have!

I'm so happy I rediscovered this timeless piece. Raid your wardrobe because little summer gems are lurking back there I promise! Of course this is a vintage one off number but as always I have selected below (similar) '12 Stunning Summer Denim Dresses' for you to snoop! Enjoy & Thanks for Reading! X



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  1. You look fabulous modelling that fashionable vintage medium blue denim dress!
    I love the complementary colour contrast of the orange net bag you accessorised your outfit with.

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