Tuesday, 21 September 2021


A simple clean skin-care product share with you today (don't worry a/w fashion inspo will be next) as I've been wanting to talk about these particular brand discoveries for a while. 5 Natural Clean Skin Care Brands for glowy, healthier, brighter skin. Whether you're thinking of opting for just one new natural skin product or swapping your entire skin care collection (like moi), hopefully these beautiful brands will help you on your skin care journey.  I also recently did a wee poll (via insta stories) and glowy clean skin was the most highly requested for. Oh and just to fill you in - my skin type is normal to dry skin, but I do get sensitive facial flare ups at times with some new skin care products, and because of that I've always tended to keep what I use quite basic, with no harsh hidden ingredients. In my twenties I did try to use boujee expensive skin care brands but my skin would automatically flare up. I'm also slightly allergic to some detergents/soaps (hotel stays can get pretty tricky, doh!). 

Right, (anyone else able to talk about skin care for hours) if you like the sound of starting your first steps towards switching to non toxic, clean, natural skin care products I hope you'll benefit from reading the reviews below. Ps. Especially if you live in a highly polluted city like lovely central Landan! Enjoy! x

1. Shimirose - Body Cream is the best body cream I've ever put on my skin. I've never seen a coco butter cream like it (and I've tried the lot). 100% natural coco body butter which melts into your skin, leaving your skin feeling fully moisturised and fully nourished. This 100% natural body cream also smells divine and so dreamy. The Body Shea Butter Soap Bar I've been using for a couple of months and truly adore. I also love that Shimirose is a small independent business and I've actually personally spoken to the owner. Not only a great warm friendly service, but knowing how much graft goes into small businesses I'm quite passionate about us collectively supporting them (especially as so many had to close in the last 18 months). Everything is delivered directly to your door in recycled packaging.

2. Thursday Plantation - Face wash is a natural soap free cleanser containing beautiful soothing essential oils such as tea tree, eucalyptus and calming chamomile. When I put this product on my face and massage it into my skin....I literally feel like I'm at a well being luxury spa. It's the smells and skin sensation on the skin for me (I need to calm down). Basically this product does the best job at giving my face a deep natural wash, cleaning out them pores, leaving the skin bright, fresh and new. 100% worth the money and again all natural ingredients. The light face moisturiser is soft on the skin and fabulous at keeping the face deeply replenished

throughout the entire day (do check out their incredible website).

3. Organic Lavera & Salt of the Earth - Natural Deodorant I think is just as important as any other protective skin care product. Especially as the area we use deodorant sweats out the most moisture from our bodies. Both brands are free of parabens, alcohol and aluminium salts. The smaller deodorant is great for travelling, both very light, leave no marks and refreshing on the under arm area (perfect for sensitive skin). I personally get strict about deodorant brands and because my body doesn't tend to perspire a lot...I sometimes don't even need to wear any (harmful deodorant ingredients are worth reading up on). Lavera & Salt of the Earth are both 100% natural and ethically made. Check out the full flowery ranges on their websites.

4. Milk Makeup - Cleanser & Moisturiser was used on me previously on a work job and I loved the products so much I had to add them to my home kit. The cleanser is great at removing dirt whilst pumping the skin with ingredients such as oats, figs and vera extract aka making your skin dewy and soft. Now I do tend to use Thursday Plantation more everyday but I like having Milk there as another skin care natural option. Also note that both Milk products are made fully vegan.

5. Kiss My Face - SPF as I'm sure you know is such an vital part of your skin care routine. Although spf is included in some primers and foundation brands, I like to have a squeeze of spf 30 suncream ready in my bag every day (safe sun always). All Kiss My Face products are made with zero oxybenzone, zero parabens, zero phthalates, cruelty free, water resistant and 100% vegan. Clean ingredients included are oat protein, green tea and beautiful safflower hydras. Light, easy to apply and no sticky icky smells!

*BONUS*KINGFISHER- Mint Toothpaste isn't exactly skin care, but I thought why not share the natural tooth paste I love and use daily. Recycle out your Sensodyne (or Colgate) for a toothpaste brand not tested on animals, containing no animal products, gluten free, GM free, vegan, no added sweeteners or sugars, no artificial flavours and no colouring. There's actually so many different natural toothpaste brands out there to try. The ingredients included in KF are calcium carbonate (chalk), glycerin (vegetable) and mentha piperita (peppermint). Truly a la fresh and clean. Yum!

Another skin care tip is to drink plenty of fresh water daily and eat wholesome foods. Although unfortunately I am not a skin care expert (wish I was) so do ask for further advice from a natural holistic skin care specialist/herbal dermatologist for more information. I wish you all the fabulous luck on your natural skin care journey (keep me posted). As always thanks for reading xxx



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