Wednesday, 29 December 2021


Still undecided on what to wear this nye?? Celebrating in or out?? Yassssss, I'm talking all things nye style inspiration with you today. Now, you know how much I usually love a nye glam up but if I'm completely being honest with you...I'm not feeling out out style extravaganza this year (shock). Because I kind of know ish what the set plans are but of course that could all change, and with this effortless neutral suit I’m hoping to look and feel fabulous wherever I end up. 

Low key oversized boxy blazers are the perfect all year-round wardrobe staple and the trousers are also pretty versatile to style again and again aswell (cost per wear..tick). Wearing a light colour like this beige is actually quite different for me, but with a new exciting year ahead....Change can only be a good thing, right? (style choices inc). I have noticed my style evolving more towards different fashion pieces recently. Back to this look - If your skin tone is similar to mine a shade like this will hopefully compliment your complexion beautifully, also you'll be happy to know that the blazer is made from 100% recycled polyester (less damage to the environment...tick). Both pieces are currently on sale at the moment (do check out stories everything blazer collection). 

To complete this nye look (in or out) I opted for a vintage satin black cami top, trusty gold accessories, huge platform boots (which I hope I can dance in), a chic designer bag (that fits nothing in but adore, lols) and retro makeup (beauty products used). Also just to add please don't go last minute spending, pull out that old suit you haven't worn in donkey's or that fierce blazeryou've only worn once and forgot you had. Just do you this New Year's Eve (in or out) and remember with personal styling sometimes is more refreshing to keep pieces minimal, classic and stylishly simple. Photography by Zoe Griffin.

Wishing you an incredible New Year and cheers to 2022!! May it be blooming fabulous!! xx



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