Wednesday, 5 October 2022


As I've mentioned to you previously I've really enjoyed a true change in style recently, which most likely has to do with my body maturing naturally (granny chic is no more). This desire I have to only wear clothes that make me feel womanly and confident. Pieces that are a statement of womanhood to accentuate a beautiful evolving body. CUE the fierce leather trench, court heels and fitted jeans. An effortless outfit that if worn right, can make you feel a billion dollars (another B quote). 

Actually, talking of money (and I never ever thought I'd write this because I was brought up on boot sales, second hand clothes and bargains) I also have discovered a new fond love of designer brands with PRADA, CHANEL and GUCCI current favourites, and in the past the thought of luxury designer brands always made me think of flashiness. But as I'm understanding fashion more and getting older I'm seeing that these designers are so much more that that. Fashion is ART.

 Has your overall style EVOLVED? Do you want to VAMP up your A/W wardrobe or look?


  • A statement coat will instantly vamp up your look, regardless of what you're wearing underneath. Think BIG and oversized! Ref: Lori

  • Time to start accentuating various areas of your body. Whether it's a flash of shoulder, glimpse of lower back or cleavage. If you've always covered up certain parts of your body due to X, Y and Z (false body narratives).....IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE (obviously only show off what you're comfortable with but change is good). 

  • Invest in longevity pieces to be worn with every single outfit. A high quality designer hand bag or well made luxe shoe or unbreakable shades can make your overall look more elevated. Save and treat yourself!

  • Bonus - JUST THINK LIKE A BOSS. A lot of a individual style comes with self-confidence and just not caring about what others think. Life is short, our bodies do incredible things, express yourself and wear that piece you told yourself you couldn't!  

trench Vintage UO, jeans Levi Mint Vintage, jewellery vintage, sunglasses Ray Ban, photographer Zoe Griffin


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